Ciancia a Liberty Activist? Nope.

One of the earliest twists in the media/government spin on the LAX shooting case is the suggestion that Ciancia is an activist associated with the liberty movement. Authorities claim that he carried a note with the acronym “NWO” on it.

NWO generally stands for New World Order. While that could just be a reference to a British military airport (RAF Northwoods), the establishment wants to use this to blame liberty activists, the Tea Party and other “right wing extremists” (i.e. people who believe in small government). It is certainly true that some in the liberty movement use the term NWO frequently. The note also mentioned “fiat currency”, according to the Associated Press. So naturally the left, via the Daily Kos and the Southern Poverty Law Center, blames us.

But here’s what’s interesting: Of the many liberty activists we know, none of us have ever heard of Paul Anthony Ciancia. None of us have connections with him on Facebook, Twitter or other social networking websites where we tend to do most of our communicating.

If Ciancia was really one of us, wouldn’t some of us know who he is? The owner of this site has an extensive network of connections with liberty activists in the northeast, especially the NYC metropolitan area. None of my friends has any knowledge of this guy.

This question was raised by Ian Cioffi on a Facebook post:


The SPLC’s take on this is astonishing:

The attack, which Ciancia allegedly carried out using a semi-automatic 223-caliber AR-15, comes at a time when the Patriot movement has been growing by leaps and bounds …. That explosive growth seems to have been driven by the election of our first black president and the approaching loss of a white majority in the U.S. that he represents.

Right, that’s why Ciancia was shooting white people. Brilliant analysis.

It’s an odd disconnect from the part of the article just before that, admitting that they could find

no records of Ciancia and he is not known to have joined or participated in the activities of any radical groups. Reporters talking to his neighbors have not yet found any evidence of such participation or radical statements.

Assault rifle? The media spin has already begun.

We’ve seen several media sources falsely refer to the firearm allegedly used in the LAX shooting as an “assault rifle”.

An assault rifle, by definition, is capable of automatic and/or burst fire. The term is frequently misused by government and media when describing firearms that are not capable of automatic or burst fire, such as the AR-15s and AK-47s that are commonly bought by regular people in the US.

Fox News (“assault rifle”)

Daily News (“assault-type rifle,” “assault rifle,” and “assault-like rifle”)

LA Times (“assault rifle”)

ABC News (“assault-style rifle”)

Even when they modify the term, it’s unclear what they mean. There is no such thing as an “assault style” of rifle. Firearms shoot projectiles at high rates of speed at targets. That is their function. It doesn’t matter whether the firearm is black, pink, or wood.

The media abuse of the term is driven by a political agenda and people should recognize that. It’s an assault on the English language.


paulcianciaThis site is about Paul Anthony Ciancia, the alleged shooter in the LAX shooting on November 1, 2013.

Our site is dedicated to getting the truth about the shooting and Ciancia. Already, just one day later, the government and media talking heads are painting a picture of Ciancia that fits their goals. We will work to get to the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Along the way, we will be watching for government and media using this incident as an excuse to pursue wrongful policies.